Lab Results

Lets face it, CBD oil is everywhere. Consequently, there are so many places to choose from, whether it be online or the new store down the street, it can be difficult to determine the quality and safety of a product.

Due to this, here at Blyss Botanicals, we provide current lab results for all of our products. Check out these test results from two of our most popular CBD oils:

Isolate CBD Oil | 1,000 MG

Full Spectrum CBD Oil | 1,000 MG

Cbd Oil


Furthermore, if you are not familiar with the difference between a full spectrum product & an isolate product, check out the information below:

Isolate¬†products are 99+% pure Cannabidiol “CBD”, derived from sustainably sourced organic hemp plants (0% THC). High quality isolate products are infused with pure CBD, along with a proprietary blend of over 25 organic food-grade plant terpenes. During the CBD isolation process, THC and most terpenes are eliminated. Researchers believe plant terpenes are crucial in the delivery of Cannabinoids to the body. Therefore, re-introducing plant terpenes sets Blyss Botanicals apart from the majority of hemp-based CBD companies.

Full spectrum¬†products contain Cannabidiol “CBD” along with <0.3% THC and many other native Cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Examples of these are the potent Cannabinoids CBN and CBG. The hemp plants naturally occurring terpenes are preserved in a full spectrum product. So the re-introduction of plant terpenes is unnecessary with full spectrum products. Each individual cannabinoid will provide a variety of additional health benefits that the hemp plant has to offer creating the entourage effect.

For more information of the benefits of CBD and what it could possibly do for you, come see us at our store or message us below: